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Manual & Automatic Driving instructors in Sheffield

About us

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency registered driving instructors based in Sheffield and surrounding areas

Park Driving School provides

are provided in a high specification dual controlled car and are structured to ensure pupils learn to drive in a Safe, Confident and Eco friendly manner

All lessons

About us

About us

Patient, Friendly 1 to 1 tuition to all wishing to take these small steps to freedom

Park Driving School provides

are at affordable prices and a tailored service to suit your needs and availability


About us

About us

are available if you are looking to pass within a certain time frame and refresher lessons are also welcome

Other services provided

Pass plus, Motorway lessons

Intensive courses

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About us


Manual lessons

Male and Female instructors available
All of our manual cars are of a high specification fitted with Dual controls


Automatic lessons

Male and Female instructors available
All of our automatic cars are of a high specification and fitted with Dual controls which also include an Electric car as part of the fleet


Intensive/Block bookings

Contact us now to find out more information on intensive courses tailored to your requirements


Pass Plus

Designed to cover all areas of driving in more depth after passing your practical test and Motorway driving also get price reductions from insurance companies after completing all module


Taxi Lessons

We can help you get ready for your Taxi test for Private hire hackney carriage taxis



Passed your Practical test but not ventured on to the motorways yet? Contact us for some confidence building lessons and discover the rest of the UK

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Park Driving School PDS

Park Driving School are Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency registered and fully qualified driving instructors based in Sheffield and surrounding areas. All lessons are provided in a high specification dual controlled car and are structured to ensure pupils learn to drive in a Safe, Confident and Eco friendly manner. Park Driving School provides patient, friendly and only 1 to 1 tuition to all wishing to take these mini steps to freedom. Lessons are at affordable prices and a tailored service to suit your needs and availability. Crash courses are available if you are looking to pass within a certain time frame and refresher courses are also welcome.
Park Driving School PDS
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Park Driving School PDS
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Park Driving School PDS
Park Driving School PDS3 weeks ago
Congratulations to Roxanna on passing her Automatic practical test well done and thanks for the review


  • jzhujzhu

    My instructor was Amreen, she was really lovely and helpful. Made it really easy to learn and progress with my driving. Everything on the road was fully explained while driving. Thank you!

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  • Dorian SheridanDorian Sheridan

    I've been learning with Aki who has been very patient and a fantastic tutor, I passed with almost no minors! I'd highly recommend them

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  • Maryam NisaMaryam Nisa

    I have passed my driving test with ishrat ,I really enjoyed taking my lessons with her,she is nice and humble person thanks Pds

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  • ドットDotドットDot

    This is such a lovely friendly school. I ended up passing my automatic test with Ishie, and it was loads of fun driving with her. Thank you!

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  • Dld97 DDDld97 DD

    Salma Yousaf was my driving instructor she was extremely helpful and kind throughout my lessons. Would highly recommend Park Driving School and Salma.

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  • Darnell DoreDarnell Dore

    Would like to thank Salma Yousaf for helping me get through my driving test. She is an outstanding instructor with the patience to build up my confidence to become a safe driver. Every lesson I was provided with great feedback to significantly improve my driving and she was extremely kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Park Driving School and Salma to learner drivers.

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  • Lyndsay WrightLyndsay Wright

    Park Driving School proved to be the right choice, my instructor Ishie was fantastic, she put me at ease from day 1 with her friendly yet professional attitude. Whilst learning I felt safe in the knowledge that she was always aware of the situation around us, ready to step in if needed. This helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my test, the only downside is that I will miss my lessons with Ishie! Many thanks to Park Driving School and Ishie!

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  • Shreya VadnerkarShreya Vadnerkar

    Had a great experience driving with Salma Yousaf from PDS. Throughout the lessons she kept extremely calm and patient, yet assertive when required. It was clear that her lessons were planned out and she never failed to help me understand everything. She’d work 7 days a week and was flexible around my uni and work timetable. She ensured I was comfortable enough to ask her anything which as a whole eased the whole process. She truly made the whole experience enjoyable and thanks to her i passed first time with only 1 minor!

    Highly recommend Salma!

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  • Longyan LiLongyan Li

    Amreen was my instructor and she's so good. She was friendly, patient and very professional. she's brilliant. I strongly recommended her.

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  • Bobbi KellyBobbi Kelly

    Parazh is simply the best instructor out there. After failing multiple times with other instructors I contacted Parazh and he was able to get me to pass first time with him! He is so knowledgeable - about both, the car and driving - so you trust him 100% and know you are safe in his hands. He is so patient and will go over the same thing as many times as you need to feel comfortable and confident. He is also a lovely person and will put you at ease straight away. I cannot reccomend him enough!

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  • Mathew Christopher NethercotMathew Christopher Nethercot

    I tried so many instructors over ten years and none of them could help me. I’m naturally not a good driver and have little confidence on the road but Saj worked magic and il be eternally grateful. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you choose saj and you will pass your test. Such a kind and friendly man also.

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  • Usy KayUsy Kay

    I contacted Aki after he had came highly recommended by multiple people. He organised me a lesson and it was clear from the start what I had to learn as at the end of each lesson he will show you his checklist so you always know your progressing. It’s a great system because you know exactly where your money is going each lesson. Once the checklist was filled and my theory was done we went for the test. Which I passed. Looking back he made it so black and white what was expected so aslong as I listened there was no room for error.
    Would definitely recommend A*

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  • Brenda LeongBrenda Leong

    I've just passed my test first time yesterday and i cannot be grateful enough to Saj for being such a dedicated instructor. He was very patient and explained everything thoroughly. Would highly recommend. Thanks once again. 🙂

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  • Maria Alberta B.Maria Alberta B.

    Today I passed my manual driving test with 0 faults. All of this was possible thanks to my driving instructor Salma Yousaf! Salma has helped me build up my confidence and I cannot thank her enough for being so patient and supportive all the way. I would highly recommend her and Park Driving School to anyone who want to learn to drive in a relaxed and comfortable environment, with a great instructor. Thank you!

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  • Caitlynn EckhardtCaitlynn Eckhardt

    Aki was my driving instructor at PDS. He was the most patient and competent driving instructor anyone could hope for. He dealt with nerves very well and helped me pass my driving test which I thought would be impossible! I couldn't reccomend a nicer person to teach you how to drive in Sheffield and will actually miss my driving lessons with him. I hope everyone has the same experience as i have had whilst learning to drive because I could not fault any of it. Best of luck to Aki and the future of PDS, Sheffields best driving school.

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  • Vishu GoelVishu Goel

    My instructor Aki has helped me pass my test. He has build my confidence by taking me to different roads and junctions. I was struggling to pass previously and he told me that I drive better when I chat with him, I followed his advise and chatted with the examiner throughout the test and passed. Thank you very much.

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  • Hafsa MohammedHafsa Mohammed

    I would highly recommend this driving school for anyone who wants to achieve their license with confidence. I had four previous instructors before I found this driving school wish someone had told me earlier as I wasted my time and money.

    My instructor Ishie was professional, punctual, always spotting teachable moments and always alert to unfold and prevent problems arising as well as my fears. I was heavily pregnant, frightened however she taught me how to channel that fear and use initiative. My instructor and I set a pace that was perfect for me and was efficient in getting me to that goal.

    Ishie was intuitive, she was able to sense when I needed help, was nervous, was confused, was stressed and even distracted and provided whatever that was necessary to improve the situation. I never felt I couldn’t find an answer to my questions with her, she was always responsive to discuss any subject I present. What I enjoyed the most about our lessons were how fun she made it always coming up with different methods that were fun and easy ways to teach me. Ishie trusted me behind the wheel which then made it easy for me overcome any obstacles that I might face on the road.

    I would like to thank my instructor Ishie for helping me pass my driving the first time.

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  • Passed- Instructor Ishie ( highly recommended)yell

    Passed my test today! I can’t thank my instructor Ishie enough. She had motivated me throughtout. She made it so easy for me like a bicycle ride. The reason I had passed today is because of the way she teach and the confidence she had in me. Thanks ever so much Ishie! Highly recommended instructor xx

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  • Excellent 5 startsyell

    I have only taken 4 lessons from Saj and it’s been really amazing! Saj is very kind and patient instructor. He taught me everything what I needed within this short period and I passed mine with 4 minor mistakes. I highly recommend. Thank you very much for everything again.

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  • Fab driving schoolyell

    I Passed first time today, all thanks to Nadeem. I would highly recommend. Thanks for your support and guidance and believing in me.
    Thank you

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  • Park driving school, Amreenyell

    Amreen is a brilliant instructor, calm and patient, as well as a good knowledge on driving to test standered, wether it be monouvers or awareness on the roads. I passed first time with only 15 hours worth of lessons, which speaks for itself.
    Would recommended if u wish to pass efficiently, thanks again Amreen

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  • Saj prepares you for every possible situation!yell

    Saj was such a great instructor, I passed on my first attempt with only two minor faults. I had driven in the USA before, and he was recommended to me because he's worked with Americans in the past. He did a great job at guiding me through all the differences in rules and the "why" behind the rules so it really sunk in and made me feel confident going into the test. I was so nervous, but Saj's lessons really paid off and I was prepared for every situation. Highly recommend PDS!

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  • Adam S – PDS

    I passed first time and I can’t thank my instructor Aki enough. I was nervous before I even started and had previously put driving off. Even after my first lesson my nerves were eased and I was driving on public roads with Aki guiding.

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  • Tom Walkerfreeindex

    Passed first time with Salma Yousef, felt very prepared and ready for the driving test. Couldn't ask for anything more. Was also very flexible with getting driving hours in.

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  • Ashley Clarkefreeindex

    Parazh was a great instructor, very friendly with good teaching methods. Passed my test quickly.

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  • Gavish Mfreeindex

    Salma Y, who has recently joined the crew, is an exceptional instructor. Honest, friendly and very approachable. We worked from Day 1 to identify the different elements of my driving which required improving and dealt with those over the month leading to the test. Also to note that PDS was excellent with emails and comms to set up the initial meeting with the instructor.

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  • Ashley parkinfreeindex

    Parazh was a great instructor, very patient and good teaching techniques. I passed first time. Would recommend him to any one.

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  • Chantelle Mcarthurfreeindex

    Well, what can I say! From start to finish my instructor ishie was absolutely amazing. Friendly, funny and made me feel totally at ease throughout the whole learning experience. I worked hard at learning but she worked so much harder, determined to make me succeed and be safe on the road. She gave instructions clearly and concisely and most of all was easy going when I made a mistake and assured me I would get better! She squeezed lessons in last minute when needed and even left home commitments so she could come with me on my test. I had one instructor before but they never compared to the professionalism and enthusiasm ishie showed throughout. Always there with a beaming smile (even at 7am) and rearing to go. My confidence levels were low but soon disappeared while on the road with such a great instructor to cheer me on in any situation. She also wasn't like most other instructors who just take your money and do nothing with it, I spent a total of 9 hours learning to drive and passed my test today! I had originally booked more lessons in but ishie was 100% honest with me and said I didn't need more which I appreciated so so much. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you don't understand how much you teaching me to drive will change my life. I'll be coming back for pass plus!!!! Xx.

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  • Arti Gambanifreeindex

    Passed my test today! I can’t thank my instructor Ishie enough. She had motivated me throughtout. She made it so easy for me like a bicycle ride. The reason I had passed today is because of the way she teach and the confidence she had in me. Thanks ever so much Ishie! Highly recommended instructor xx.

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